Inspector Training for a Government Client

A government client needed a series of Web-Based Training modules to provide inspectors annual recurrent training. Inspectors once had to come back every year to the training site to receive this training. Rather than provide this expensive training in the classroom for all of its chemical inspectors every year, the client decided to provide this instructor-led training only to new inspectors and asked Harkcon to develop this training for the web.

I worked as Harkcon’s lead multimedia developer for this project.

We worked together to create 15 modules (each providing about an hour of training) that enabled the inspectors to learn about security principles, government regulations, closed-circuit television systems, and much more. We used Articulate Storyline as the authoring tool for this project.

The client requested a number of features for these modules.

  • The same Storyline module would contain a Pre-test and Post-test.
  • If inspectors passed the pre-test, they would not need to take the post-test.
  • If inspectors did not pass the pre-test or decided to skip it, they would need to view all of the content within the module in order to take the post-test
  • Inspectors would be given three opportunities to pass the post-test. After the third try inspectors would need to start the course over.
  • The course needed to be 508 compliant.
  • The course needed an overview video.

Of course, in addition to these requests, we provided beautiful, custom-made graphics and animations. We worked with the client to tailor the course content to an easy-to-read style. We designed and developed a great many learning checks and learning activities. We created large question banks for each module to ensure that the vast majority of the questions wouldn’t be repeated when students needed to take the post-test over again.

Additionally, in order to allow the client to view these 15 modules, I worked with a colleague in Harkcon to create the Harkcon Development server (, essentially a Moodle-powered LMS. This is where Harkcon now stores all of its WBT for clients and those Harkcon collaborates with. I provided a little customization to this LMS and managed it.

I am most proud of teaching two of my colleagues the ins and outs of Articulate Storyline for this project.